Taking Up Space

We are sending Pascua Yaqui Girls to Space Camp!
Time in Cosmology is honored to be collaborating with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in our mission to send middle school aged Pascua Yaqui girls to Space Camp! The first group of Pascua Yaqui girls will be attending Space Camp in June 2017. Selected Scholarship winners are receiving full tuition once a year for three years. In addition, we will be adding another group of girls the following year, and the next. The Taking Up Space Program will run for a total of 3 years.

The girls will have the opportunity to meet a NASA Astronaut, like Space Camp Alumni, NASA Astronaut, Dorthy Metcalf – Lindenburger, who visits Space Camp regularly. She sat down with us and answered the question, “What would you say to young women who think they have limitations?”

2 thoughts on “Taking Up Space

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  1. Fantastic!! Congratulations to our upcoming young Scientists and Future Astronauts! Thank you Taking Up Space for creating such a remarkable experience for these amazing young girls! It is so important to make this their dream one true! I’m donating now!

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  2. Yes Anthony Pitucco!!! Thank you sooo much for creating such a remarkable experience. You are really something!


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